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It was the summer of '21and then some

With the excitement of lockdown easing, a rather successful vaccine roll-out, and in general good weather; we were extra excited to run our first workshop in... what felt like a decade.

It was odd being surrounded by people, yet alone sitting at a table with so many! I was worried that my social skills had been lost and would make a big fool of myself. Alas that wasn't how it went.

We created paper flowers (recycling magazine pages and crepe paper) in response to the Jan van Huysum's 'Flowers in a terracotta vase', which was being shown at Primeyarc in Great Yarmouth, where it was the first stop in a nationwide tour of the painting by the National Gallery. Beautiful pieces were made, and I am proud to say to this day they still display their flowers in their corner of the shop at Primeyarc (run by originalprojects; an amazing artist led charity that recently won the People’s Choice’ Norfolk’s BEST LARGE ARTS ORGANISATION (we're a bit proud that we have a partnership with them :))

Then August turned into August, where we run a few workshops during the summer holidays... it was lovely, but oh so exhausting.

September we participated for the first time in the Art of Norwich group exhibition. We will be doing so again in December. Look out for the news in our social media!

October we took a mini break from doing things outside, and concentrated on building a small community of artists that we are proud to be able to showcase soon!!!

November will be hectic preparing for the holiday season and the exhibition...

December will probably be all a blur. Please send lots of caffeine my way ;P

And there's our mini update!

Oh, wait. one more thing. In January we will be streaming some live videos to raise money for Mind charity (look up #streamformind - lots of other people will be doing it). If you can your help would be appreciated!

Eight hugs for you,

Keep safe and talk soon!

Cactus Octopus

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