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Workshop in Progress

Working with us

We're happy to collaborate with artists, illustrators, designers, art-lovers, individuals, businesses, schools, families, pets, your house plant...

as long as we share the same goals and beliefs that creativity should be accessible to all, and to make the world just that much more happier. 


We're here to support you. Do you need just a bit of help getting your digital marketing going? That's fine, we can put you up on our social media and blog. 

Need a little bit more help? Get in touch and we can discuss exactly what you need. 

We have a wide range of packages to support your creative career, at the lowest prices possible. 

Paper Craft
Plant Wall Art

Art Lovers

You can support our work by going to our shop and purchasing our wonderful collection of work there. 

If you are looking to commission work please get in touch with us!


Other Collaborators

Are you looking to attend workshops? Or find someone to run them? We can help! 

Looking for something else? Get in touch and we'll see what we might be able to do. 

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